Falklands War Day by Day Account

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 Day 9 - Friday 10th April 1982

SS Canberra was requisitioned on the 3rd April on her way back from a cruising in the Mediterranean when she was diverted to Gibraltar where Military personnel joined the ship to begin the task of converting the 44,000 ton liner into a troopship.
Two helicopter landing pads were created one behind the bridge and the second on the fo'c's'le. The carpets were ripped up and glued  on the windows to prevent light from showing at night. The ship also had to be fitted out for refuelling at sea. The whole of the top deck was filled with munitions.  There were gun emplacements around the ship right from the start Blowpipe missiles and everything else.
The military had placed additional communications equipment in the ship's chartroom. As a result, members of the press were constantly walking in to send stories home.  Therefore, in order to maintain secrecy about the ship's movements, a chart table was constructed in the Captain's cabin and for part of the voyage.  An armed guard was posted outside.
Captain Trevor Lane, then navigator of SS Canberra, describes his experiences during the conflict.