Falklands War Day by Day Account

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 Day 5 -Tuesday 6th April 1982

Once in the Channel Fearless a helicopter deposited Brigadier Thompson, Commodore Micael Clapp (Amphibious Warfare Director) and their staff on the ship's filght deck. With them was Major Ewan Southby-Tailyour, Brigadier Thompson's newly appointed staff officer along with a 126 page notebook containing his 1978 yachtsman's survery of the 10,000 mile Falklands coastline.
The logistics landing ships carried 105mm guns, trucks and engineering equipment loaded (Sir Tristam would join from Canada). 
In the Channel the carriers were joined by their frigate escorts, HMS Arrow and HMS Plymouth.  In the task force bound for Ascesion was the County Class destroyer HMS Glamorgan, flagship of Rear Admiral John Woodward.

Day 7 - Thursday 8th April 1982

At Bickleigh Barracks, Plymouth, Lt-Colonel Vaux had gathered in 42 Commando.  The unit paraded before Major-General Moore Vaux who then gave the historic order.
 "To the South Atlantic ... Quick March"
 The commandoes were heading for Southampton and the Canberra.  One Company had stayed out of parade and in the Gym.  Major Guy Sheridan's 110 men were wanted for a special operation - the recapture of South Georgia.  They found themselves airborne for Ascension next day, Good Friday, along with 70 men of the SAS and SBS. 
The destroyer HMS Antrim and RFA tanker Tidespring was literally reprieved in mid-voyage from a planned transfer to the Chilean Navy and had already reached Ascension.  Their task was to embark the Special Forces for South Georgia.  The troops came aboard two hours after touching down.  Also embarked were two Naval Gunfire Support parties on HMS Antrim. 
The British SSN HMS Conqueror was ordered to patrol off South Georgia to prevent any Argentine reinforcement of the island.  The Commander of the Task Group allocated to the recapture was HMS Antrim’s captain … Captain Brian Young DSO RN.  The Task Group consisted of HMS Antrim, HMS Plymouth and RFA Tidespring. 
4000 miles behind, Invincible Sea Harriers were firing 2in rockets for the first time and HRH Sub-Lt Prince Andrew was dropping a depth charge a mile away from his ship.  The task force was on its way.

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