Falklands War Day by Day Account

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Day 2 - Saturday 3rd April 1982

UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., April 3, 1982 (UPI) -- The U.N. Security Council passed by a 10-1 vote Saturday a British-sponsored resolution demanding the immediate withdrawal of all Argentine forces from the captured Falkland Islands.
After a two-day debate on Argentina's invasion, the 15-member Council passed a resolution requesting an immediate ''cessation of hostilities'' and ''the withdrawal of all Argentine forces'' from the Falklands.   
The United States voted for the resolution and Panama cast the only negative vote. China, the Soviet Union, Poland and Spain abstained.  Panama, which defended the Argentine claim to the Falklands, said it would not press for a vote on its own resolution calling on Britain to ''cease its hostile conduct'' and to cooperate with the ''de-colonization'' of the islands.  
In Buenos Aires, President Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri reacted to the vote, saying ''Argentina has respected and respects the pronouncements of this Council ... but nonetheless, Argentina will keep its freedom of action ... to satisfy the interests of the nation and national honour that will not be negotiated.''  Earlier, Argentina's Foreign Minister Nicanor Costa Mendez defended his country's invasion of the Falklands, declaring the takeover ended ''one of the last vestiges of imperialism.'' 
''Argentina has not invaded any foreign territory,'' he told the Security Council. ''We have recovered... part of our national territory.'' 
Costa Mendez rushed to New York after Britain asked the Security Council to pass a resolution demanding the immediate withdrawal of some 4,000 Argentine troops on the isolated island group 400 miles east of Argentina in the South Atlantic. ''One of the last vestiges of imperialism ended yesterday,'' the foreign minister declared. 
He argued that Britain ''illegally occupied'' the Falklands in 1833 and ''has not given the slightest sign of flexibility'' in negotiations concerning Argentina's claim to the islands.