Donations to support the website

Early in January the cost of running the website becomes payable for the next 12 months, In general terms it costs around £120 a year, this cost is made up of domain name and web hosting charges.

In past year's this has been supported by Raffles and fund raising at Re-unions. There are still funds available from this year however they are not sufficient to cover next year's costs. Going forward the website either needs a website sponsor or donations to keep it running.  If anyone knows of an EW company who may be interested in sponsorship please email on the address at the bottom of the page.

As part of the effort to raise funds an agreement has been reached with a clothing company to do a range of Sweatshirts and Rugby Shirts with the website shield embroidered on.  

Any on who wishes to make a donation towards the up keep of the website can do so on the PayPal links below.

For those of you without a PayPal account, select buy now for the amount to donate.  On the first page headed Pay with PayPal select the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" at the bottom.

The next page headed "PayPal Guest Checkout" ensure the country is United Kingdom enter your details as required. Finally make sure the "Send to my billing address" is notticked.

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