Branch members who have crossed the bar


Falkland Islands 1982

AB(EW) Adrian Sunderland (Sonny)

LRO(W) Bernie Still

AB(EW) Stephen Hayes (Gabby)


This List is by no means complete, if anyone wishes to add a name please contact via the email address at the foot of the page.

Other Colleagues

In alphabetical order

CRS(EW) Barrow, Roger

RS(EW) Bearcock, Keith

LS(EW) Breedon, Chaz

CRS(EW) Chiddicks, Charles (Charlie)

CRS(W) Collins, David

FCRS(W) Dean, Dixie

CPO(EW) Ducker, Gary J. (Gaz)

CRS(W) Edgell, Pat

AB(EW) Ellis, David

AB(EW) Emery Andy

LRO(W) Froggat, Froggy

LS(EW) Goddard, John

CRS(W) Goudie, Alan (Grouse)

RS(W) Hardingham, Clive

LRO(W) Hinks, John

CRS(W) Laybourne, George (Duggie)

LS(EW) Marriot, Dean


CDR SD(EW) Morris, Frank

WOM(EW) Munt, Elisabeth (Liz)

CRS(W) Osbiston, Roy

CRS(W) MacKevitt, Ian (Soggy)

CPO(EW) MacMcGregor

PO(EW) Marks, Warren (Skid)

Lt Cdr Muggeridge, Mike -Ex CRS(W)

CRS(W) Murphy, Spud

FCRS(W) O'Clee, Pat

CRS(W) Osbiston, Roy

FCPO(EW) Pittick, Doug

LOM(EW) Reynolds, Chris

FCRS(W) Robinson, Robbie

PO(EW) Templeman, John

WO1(EW) Watkin, Dave

PO(EW) Washer, Laura (ex Miles)