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What's the future for this website?

This website has been in existence now for over 10 years.  It was developed to provide an Historical account of the RN EW Branch from formation to current day.  It was never intended to provide information on current day subjects. Neither was it intended to be a forum for discussion, that is covered by the page on Facebook.  
Over time information has been gathered from events happening in the branch, these include Course Photos, Reunions and many other topics.  Quiz’s and a Shop were tried out both failed miserably due to lack of support or interest, both of which have now been removed from the site and disguarded.
This site will never succeed with it's objectivies as long as it left to one individual to manage. In order to function as intended contributions are required from all groups of the branch, Retired, Senior Members and  new members over the fifty years plus the branch has been in operation.  Without this support the website will fail.
Please help by doing your part, do you have any Course photo’s etc or any other information that is not already available but needs to be retained for future generations, if so, contact the site via the email  address is at the bottom of every page.


This website is not an official Ministry of Defence (MOD) or Royal Navy website.

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